2016 Interior detailing tips

When you get an outside detailing, your vehicle it’s enjoyed by those around you, meanwhile the interior detailing it’s the one who matter the most to you when driving. Maybe you are a coffee’s person or the type of person who likes to eat while driving to work, the office or to the beach. We don’t blame you for this, but it has the consequences of having your car smelling bad and not comfortable to you neither your passengers. Here are a few tips provided by san diego auto detailing professionals from AP auto spa that will help you keep your car cleaner. rim1)  Use an air compressor  to blow all the debris and dirt you can from the car. Using a compressor also will help you reach smaller sections like the sides of the front chairs and some corners. 2) Avoid using cleaners on electronics areas of the car like windows buttons, stereo dash, etc. 3) Start from top to bottom, you have to learn to not work hard, the other way around work SMART. 4) Start by using soft products and then start using the ones with more powerful chemicals. I hope these few really basic tips gave you a better understanding on your next car detailing. Have a nice day!

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