21st century revolutionary advertisement

val1The company has created a means of generating revenue through an innovative, highly visible avenue of advertisement space, never before seen or utilized. We have taken a traditional valet podium and converted it into a digital, state-of-the-art, revenue generating machine. Currently, the United States has more than 637 major parking companies that each have hundreds of valet locations, totaling over 70,000 valet podiums nationwide. Hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, night clubs, condominium complexes and even special events are all target locations for podium exposure. Due to the dynamic advertising valet parking stand platform and unique approach of Digiads technology, we expect rapid expansion and the potential for a highly profitable business model.

The company will gain market domination by securing long term contracts with several major parking companies, supplying them with equipment at no “out of pocket” cost to them. We can provide new real estate to pre existing national outdoor advertising companies who already have a customer base and existing demand for this format.


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