Outdoor Podium Advertising

Do you own a business that maybe offers valet parking to the customer? If yes, you know how frustrating it can get specially when you need to constantly be changing the pricing on the signs. Now Digiads has introduced a new digital podiums system where you will be able to update your own content at any time without replacing the sign. These revolutionary valet podiums include (3)-three high definition screens one on the front and two on the sides.valet parking Maybe you need to run an special, now you send the information to Digiads team and they will update the content automatically from their center without the need of you or them going at your place. This is the first digital valet podiums on the market. So if you are looking to interact with your customer this it’s your best choice! Not¬†only this will help you increase your sales but it will look your business look good too. ¬†Feel free to customize your info at any time 24/7, update everything and run video ads. Digiads have become the leader in introducing a new outdoor platform for all types of advertisers.

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